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Our Team at Ramos Dental Group believes that every single person presents a beautiful life deserving of a healthy, beautiful and radiant smile. Serving Tijuana and the surrounding communities, we are known for our friendly, compassionate and gentle treatment.

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Our Technology

Our practice is always looking to offer our patients the best in comfort and care. We like to provide the latest technologies at affordable prices. At Ramos Dental Group we take pride in providing the latest technology at a 3rd

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Best Dental Work in Mexico

More and more Americans head to Mexico to find cheap dental work.  If you are thinking about doing the same, there are a few key aspects you have to look for when looking for the best dental work in Mexico.

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Picture Gallery

Finding the best dentist in Tijuana can be a challenge and one of the main points to look for is the work of the dentist you will be visiting. Here are some before and after pictures of actual work Dr